Counterbalance SuperLift SLK 20 (Counterbalance Genie)

Counterbalance SLK 20 (Counterbalance Genie)

The Wienold Counterbalance SLK 20 Superlift from Concord Lifting Equipment Ltd – with counterbalance weights is optimal in order to bring loads e.g. directly to walls, or on high lying porches. The outriggers and counterbalance weights are at the back of the machine and the lifting attachments in front of the lift. The Superlift SLK machine is an ideal aid for handling heavy loads especially to handle window panes, heating and ventilation. The SLK is available in five pay loads of 300 – 450 kg

Features / Accessories / Options of the Counterbalance SLK Machines for hire from Concord Lifting:

  • Great for working right against walls!
  • Safety Brake
  • Genie single speed winch with 2 crank handles
  • Counter Weights
  • Load capacity: 300kg
  • The equipment allows an installation directly at a wall
  • 5 different working heights are possible
  • Standard load forks
  • Adjustable forks
  • Pipe cradle
  • Crane boom
  • Flat forks
  • Load platform for heavy duty
  • Vacuum-lifting equipment Easily added on



SLK Product Specification

Technical Data
Lifting height – Standard forks up:
2.00 m 3.50 m 5.00 m 6.50 m 7.90 m
Height – stowed:
2.04 m 2.04 m 2.04 m 2.04 m 2.04 m
Length – stowed:
0.90 m 0.90 m 0.90 m 0.96 m 1.02 m
Working position:
1.50 m 1.50 m 1.80 m 2.22 m 2.22 m
Width – stowed:
0.80 m 0.80 m 0.80 m 0.80 m 0.80 m
Working position:
2.20 m 2.20 m 2.20 m 2.20 m 2.20 m
Ground clearance – working position:
0.08 m 0.08 m 0.08 m 0.08 m 0,08 m
Loading height min:
0.27 m 0.27 m 0.27 m 0.27 m 0.27 m
Pay load:
450 kg 450 kg 360 kg 360 kg 300 kg
Weight basic chassis:
98 kg 118 kg 144 kg 184 kg 204 kg
Weight complete (8x counterbalance weights @ 16kg)
226 kg 246 kg 272 kg 312 kg 332 kg



Here is a rather cheesy but really useful video to give you an idea of what these great counterbalanced machines can do for you!



For more information on the SLK Machines Concord Lifting Equipment have available to hire across London and the South East, please us on 03333 66 00 99 or email

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