MTK Powered StairClimber (LiftKar Stair Climber)

MTK Powered StairClimber (LiftKar)

Concord Lifting Equipment are pleased to announce the latest arrival to our hire fleet, The MTK powered stairclimber (or stairwalker) is perfect for getting heavy items up stairs, something we are constantly being asked for!

The powered stair stairclimber can be used in pretty much any environment. It can be installed in almost all working environments where manual handling is a high priority, keeping staff safe at work and preventing staff from repetitive strain injury or musculor skeletal strain.

This versatile powered stairclimber is best described as a general purpose stairclimber, ideal for carrying or lifting pretty much anything upstairs – if if will fit on a pallet truck, it will work on the powered stair-climber!

Key features of the MTK Powered Stairclimber are as follows:

  • Inbuilt toe-plate with larger toe-plate options if required.
  • 310kg (48 stone) SWL
  • Pneumatic tyres supplied as standard
  • Folding handle design offers excellent control whilst handling smaller loads, making it extremely easy to store unobtrusively when not in use.
  • 310B model comes with own braking system
  • Supplied with standard mains battery charger and battery.

Technical Data

MTK 310 MTK 190
Load capacity 310 kg 190 kg
Climbing speed 8-9 steps / min 16-18 steps / min
Battery capacity 100 steps 170 steps
Weight 35 kg 32 kg
Weight of battery unit 5.5 kg 5.5 kg
Maximum step height 210 mm 210 mm
Total height 1620 mm 1520 mm
Height with top section folded 1100 mm 1100 mm
Main wheels 260 x 85
ball bearings
260 x 85
ball bearings
Width of frame 380 mm 380 mm
Width of clearance 580 mm 510 mm
Depth without toe plate 580 x 300 mm 510 x 300 mm
Depth of toe plate 195 mm 195 mm


Here is a video of the stairclimber in action!

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