MRT6 C Vacuum Handler

Woods Powr-GRip MRT6 C Vacuum Lifter

The Quadra-Tilt Vacuum Lifters feature an innovative four-bar tilt mechanism that significantly reduces the effort of tilting heavy loads between flat and upright positions. This tilt mechanism also reduces hazards associated with lifting loads from upright racks: When a load is tilted to either the upright or the flat position, the vacuum lifter maintains the load position automatically without using latches, eliminating the tendency for a load to “kick back” at the operator’s knees.

The MRTA6-DC vacuum lifters also feature Powr-Grip’s Dual Vacuum System, 360° manual rotation, (re)movable vacuum pads and extension arms that accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes.

The Dual Vacuum System features two vacuum line circuits, allowing the vacuum lifter to maintain the vacuum level for one circuit even if an unexpected vacuum loss occurs in the other one. This system is designed to reduce the risk of falling loads, which could result from breakage or other accidents that compromise one area of the vacuum system. In addition, it features audible and visible alarms that warn the operator whenever the vacuum level is not sufficient for lifting the maximum load weight. Complies with CE Standard EN 13155.

Standard Vacuum Pad Spread:

  • MRTA611LDC   Minimum Width – 12-1/2″ [317 mm]   Maximum Width – 58-3/4″ [1491 mm]   Minimum Length – 46-3/4″ [1188 mm]   Maximum Length – 104-1/2″ [2656 mm]
  • MRTA6HV11FDC   subtract 1″ [25 mm] from each dimension listed above

Number / Size of Vacuum Pads:

  • MRTA611LDC – 6 / 11″ [28 cm] dia. lipped vacuum pads
  • MRTA6HV11FDC – 6 / 10″ [25 cm] dia. lipped vacuum pads, with closed cell foam rings.

Maximum Load Capacity*:

  • MRTA611LDC – 1100 lbs [500 kg]
  • MRTA6HV11FDC – 900 lbs [410 kg]

(*On smooth, nonporous surfaces).

Weight of Vacuum Lifter:188 lbs [86 kg]

Standard Operating Power:12 volts DC, 10 amps

Load Movement:Manual rotation, 360° edgewise, with automatic locking at each 1/4 revolutionAssisted manual tilt, 90° between upright and flat

Standard Features:

  • Dual vacuum system
  • Low vacuum warning light and buzzer
  • On-board battery and charger
  • Battery energy gauge
  • Vacuum gauges
  • Vacuum line filters
  • Vacuum reserve tanks
  • Spring-mounted vacuum pads
  • (Re)movable vacuum pad mounts
  • Vacuum pad extension arms
  • Tilt locks
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