Reid Lifting Lightweight Aluminium Gantry @ Concord Lifting

Reid Lifting Lightweight Aluminium Gantry @ Concord Lifting

Reid Lifting Lightweight Aluminium Gantry hits the Concord Lifting Hire Fleet

In line with adding new products to our hire fleet to better serve our customers Concord are excited to announce some new products.  We have added a fleet of Lightweight Alumimium/alloy Gantries to our hire range as we gradually phase out the heavier stainless steel Gantries.

The Steel Gantries have served their purpose but as everyone is looking to save time and effort in every build the new range of Gantries offer superb performance at fantastic prices.  They can be erected/taken down in minutes and we also have an extensive range of hoists manual chain blocks, electric chain hoists, 440-Volt Electric Chain Hoists, and lifting accessories to go with them.

Prior to every hire each gantry is serviced and given a full works inspection: This means we load test the gantry and any lifting equipment/accessories being hired/bought with the product.

To view full specifications on the products available, have a look at the Lightweight Aluminium Gantry Product Page

Or head to where they have got some great information on the equipment, and some cool videos (well as cool as videos about lifting can be-but we like them!)

Benefits of Lightweight Aluminium Gantry

  • Super Lightweight and compact- can be taken apart and taken to areas you couldn’t get too before, like basements or up stairs
  • Erects in minutes look at the videos on the product page, its as easy as 1,2,3!
  • Top Class Manufacturer, made in the UK by award winning LEEA Accredited Reid Lifting

New Range of the awesome Reid Lightweight aluminium gantries available now!