We are delighted to announce Concord Lifting Barking has moved to a new shiny location as of Monday 16th March 2015 08:00-a bigger and better location with a larger range of lifting equipment for hire/rent and for sale.

The address for the new location is:

Concord Lifting Equipment Ltd.
Unit 12
The I O Centre
59-71 River Rd
IG11 0DR

How does this affect me?

  • We will be closing our existing location on Buzzard Creek industrial Estate at 15:00 (3pm) on Friday 13th March 2015
  • We will be reopening at The I O Centre at 08:00 (8am) on Monday 16th March 2015.
  • There will be no interruption of service, all existing phone numbers and email address 020 8594 7529, barking@concordlifting.co.uk, billg@concordlifting.co.uk, edwardd@concordlifting.co.uk will continue to work fine.
  • The billing address will remain the same:
    • Concord Lifting Equipment Ltd.
      Unit 56
      Wimbledon Stadium Business Park
      Riverside Road
      London SW17 0BE
    • 020 8946 7902 / finance@concordlifting.co.uk
  • All existing hire/sale contracts or bookings for onsite/offsite testing/repair will remain in place.
  • All delivery/collection prices will remain the same as we are only moving down the road.

Where is the new place?

For Directions to the new depot click here

  • The new location is around 1/2 mile away, still on River River Road opposite Blumsom Timber Centre in the I O Centre industrial estate, closer to the A13.
  • When You turn into the I O Centre Industrial Estate:
    • carry on until the end and turn left
    • then Immediately turn right
    • Unit 12 is down at the end on the far right.

Interested in seeing some of range of Lifting Equipment, lifting accessories and safety equipment we have for hire and sale? click on any of the brands you see below to see more details!


Did you know we do onsite inspections and LOLER Reports of Thorough Examinations as well as hiring and selling lifting equipment?


  1. 1
    in 2015 Concord became a LEEA Development member-get your lifting equipment inspected by a company/personnel who know what they are doing backed by the industry governing body.

    Have your lifting equipment and accessories inspected by a trusted and trained third party- eliminate the grey area of the operator inspecting his own work and have us take the risk and responsibility

  2. 2
    The Concord Engineers use a bespoke Concord Lifting Equipment system for carrying out reports of Thorough Examinations on a tablet which saves time and elimiates the risk of paperwork getting lost on site.

    If there are pieces of equipment that he/she feels may require attention or they simply feel photo evidence should be stored relating to a piece of equipment, they will take photos or the equipment/scenario and our system will automatically time/date stamp and geo-location stamp the images, these images are attached to your CLE file and can be reviewed at a later date by you or anyone you chose.

  3. 3
    You can either call us up or put the information on what needs testing/inspecting on this page (it takes about 30 seconds!) and we will confirm with you a date and time and who the engineer/engineers will be coming to do the inspection.  Upon arrival the engineer will have the details needed and have paperwork ready to sign so everyone involved knows who what and when got done!
  4. 4
    We do not have a minimum 1/2 day billing period-For inspection work we charge by the hour, so if you have 5 items that need inspecting or 30, if the equipment is easily accessible you can get great value for money.

    if items fail/do not pass and they are easily repairable we will aim to repair onsite, failing that we can return the equipment back to a CLE depot and carry out the work there, or send an engineer out within 48 hours to fix the equipment.  Prices for onsite inspection are £45 per hour, or lower if you decide to take up an optional service/repair plan with us.  Simple repairs and also included in the price 

  5. 5
    When the CLE engineer is inspecting your equipment, he updates our system live from his tablet, and as soon as an item successfully passes the test, we have a copy of Your Report of Thorough Examination on file-We will email you a copy of the test cert within 24 hours of the test being completed, and you can rest assured that we always have a copy of the test cert should you misplace it and can deliver it to you within 1 business day should you require it.

    More importantly we will email you 1 month prior to equipment being due for inspection to remind you that equipment is due for another test so we can arrange to keep it covered and in service!

    The format and layout of the Report of Thorough Examination are in the exact format outlined by LEEA, so they are easily recognizable and understandable by anyone familiar with these reports

  6. 6
    Don’t worry about the test certs getting lost on site!

    If you are an account customer as soon as our engineer is finished the inspection he/she will update our system and we will be able to email you an official copy of your Report of Thorough Examination within minutes-

    Not an account customer? An engineer can either run your credit/debit card from their tablet to take payment when the job is done and create an invoice or call up to the office to do the same thing, either way within minutes of completion you will receive the test cert, invoice and receipt of payment

  7. 7
    Hoists, beams, equipment that is always in use, why take it out of service? leave your equipment working and we bring all the tools and equipment needed to carry out a report of Thorough Examination keeping the down time to a minimum

    Our engineers all have CSCS cards and have years of experience with the equipment (working ‘on the tools’ on the workshop for a minimum of 3 years before going onsite and having shadowed senior staff for a minimum of 6 months before going out on customers site on their own.

    We can also arrange test out of normal business hours to keep your project moving without delay

  8. 8
    All equipment should have its safe working load and any other critical information clearly visible at all times, if for some reason these details have work off we apply a durable weatherproof sticker with this information on there and a QR code/simple link to our mobile optimized website so the operator can view the operating instructions from any phone (iPhone, Android, Windows phone etc) tablet or desktop

    Also for a nominal fee we will put tamper proof tags on the equipment in a color coded system, i.e blue tags expire January, red expire February which has the safe working load/requirement information on the tags on the equipment.

Too book your next inspection with us click here or to read what the HSE say about Report of Thorough Examinations and why you should have an external party do it for you click here