20 Feb 2013
February 20, 2013

Scaffolding equipment from Concord

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Niko Track Systems
Concord Lifting supplies for hire or sale Scaffolding equipment suited to your companies scaffolding needs.


Niko Track/Runway Beams

Supplied in 3M lengths, including hanging brackets/Gravloks, Joining plates & endstops from as little as £7.50 weekly hire.

Chain Block

Versatile & reliable lightweight construction with heavy duty capability from £15 a week to hire

Electric Hoist

110v,1ph or 400/440v,3ph supply available from £65 a week, taking the hard work out of lifting and lowering loads through vertical distances.

Scaffold/Gantry Hoist

200/300kgs swing arm hoist, 110v

Imer Scaffold hoist TR225

Call 03333 660099 for more information
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