Frimeda Lifting Clutches / Deha clutches

Frimeda Lifting Clutches/ Deha Clutches

For lifting pre-cast concrete segments with Frimeda

The FRIMEDA lifting anchor system consists of flat steel anchors cast in pre-cast elements and a lifting hook, the ring clutch. The design of the ring clutches and the anchors permits loads in any direction. A main benefit of this system is the availability of erection anchors for tilting of thin elements with no edge breaking.

  • Load range from 1.25 to 26 tonnes
  • Numerous types of anchor
  • Confusion of load groups not possible, because mismatch of ring clutches and anchors is not possible
  • Erection anchors for prevention of edge breaking

Deha fittings

The DEHA spherical head anchor lifting system is cast into the concrete together with a recess former which will be removed afterwards. The quick and easy universal head link is used to lift and transport the concrete unit, loads in any direction can be carried. Anchors with load capacity up to 45 tonnes are available.  The DEHA socket anchor consists of a round steel anchor-foot and a threaded socket into which a lifting device such as threaded loops are screwed. Used especially for thin elements.

  • Safe, quick, efficient
  • Clutch resistant to abrasion
  • Huge anchor and accessory product range for all types of precast elements
  • Load ranges from 1.3 to 45 tonnes
  • DEHA Turning and Lifting Link that allows simultaneous lifting and turning


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