300kgs Gantry Hoist

300kg Gantry Hoist

Robust design from Imer, the Gantry Hoist combines the ease of operation of the scaffold hoist with additional lifting capacity.  Ideal for use on flat roofs, the Imer gantry hoist has over 1M of extended jib.  Supplied with a 300kg safe working load hoist unit and counter balance boxes as standard.  The gantry will accept most Imer hoist units.


Technical data IMER 300kg Gantry Hoist
Maximum lift (kg)
Av. full load lifting speed (m/min)
19 / 38
Max. working height (m)
min / max
Ø wire rope (mm)
Rope length (m)
Motor power rate 230V/50Hz (kW)
N. Motor speed 230V/50Hz-400V/50Hz (rpm)
Motor running current 230V/50Hz-400V/50Hz (A)
Machine weight with pendant control (kg)
  • Download PDF FileGantry Hoist Operating Instructions
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