12 Sep 2012
September 12, 2012

Moving equipment……How can we help?

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Concord Lifting Equipment can help! 

Supplied for hire or sale to help with the task of moving objects, just some of our range includes…

Block Grabs
1.8 Tonne Model 1311 series

Kerb & Block Handling
We stock a range of Kerb and stone handling equipment starting at just £20 a week to hire!

Flat Top Truck
Range of trucks available. Flat top has up to 1T capacity and rubber or pneumatic tyres.

Adjustable Mobile Gantries
Capable of handling up to 3T, providing a portable lifting point. Weekly hire from £75

Tirfor Winch
A compact winch for high lifts and long hauls incorporating all the quality associated with the Tractel brand. Available in up to 3.2T lifting capacity and supplied with operating handle. Hire from only £20 a week.

Rough Terrain Pallet truck
Designed for the purpose of moving brick or block packs around constructions sites. Hire from £35 a week.

Block Grab

Call 03333 66 00 99

Email info@concordlifting.co.uk

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